Governing Body: -

There are 21 members in the Governing Body of the college. custom essay papers writing service Among those members, four members are the office bearer- i.e. President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

President: -

Chaudhary Zakir Hussain is the President of the Governing Body. He was a multi dimensional and dynamic personality. A strict disciplinarian he is an honest, upright, hardworking grass root leader & man of integrity/fully committed to his principles and goals. He is essay of global warming causes and effects currently the MLA from Nuh vidhan sabha seat. He is the President of Mewat Education Board.

PRINCIPAL:- Dr. Mohd. Imtiaz Khan

Address: – (Office) Y.M.D. College, Nuh, Mewat, Haryana-122107.


Principal:- Dr. Mohd. Imtiaz Khan, M.A., M.PHIL, Ph.D.

 Deptt. of English

  1. Sh. Zulfiqar Ahmad, M.A.
  2. Vacant
  3. Vacant
  4. Vacant

Deptt. of Hindi

  1. Suhail Khan, Ph.D.

Deptt. of Sanskrit

  1. Dr. Mohd Irfan Khan, Ph.D. (Temporary)

Deptt. of Urdu

  1. Dr. Nasiruddin Azhar, Ph.D.

Deptt. of Geography

  1. Mohd Umar, M.Phil., Ph.D.
  2. Rashid Khan, M.A.

Deptt. of Political Science

  1. Gulistan, M.Phil. (Temporary)

Deptt. of History

  1. Aijaz Ahmad, M.Phil, Ph.D.
  2. Pramod Kumar, M.A. (Temporary)

Deptt. of Economics

  1. Bhupinder Malik, M.A. (Temporary)

Deptt. of Commerce

  1. Seema Rani, Ph.D. (Temporary)
  2. Abu Hina Siddiqui, Ph.D. (Temporary)
  3. Suraj Bhan, M.Com. (Temporary)
  4. Vacant

Deptt. of Physics

  1. Shri Taiyab, M.Sc., M.Phil

Deptt. of Chemistry

  1. Mohd Yousuf, Ph.D. (Temporary)

Deptt. of Mathematics

  1. Quasim Razi, Ph.D.
  2. Kapil Sharma, M. Sc. (Temporary)

Deptt. of Physical Education

  1. Khalid Hussain Khan, Ph.D.

Deptt. of Business Administration

  1. Hashim Khan, M.B.A. (Temporary)
  2. Mohd Shakir, M.B.A. (Temporary)
  3. Vacant

Deptt. of Compter & Application

  1. Shri Mahesh Singh, MCA (Temporary)
  2. Shri Wajid Khan, B. Tech. (Temporary)
  3. Shri Mohd Sarfaraz, M.C.A. (Temporary)

IGNOU Study Centre

  1. Mohd Imtiaz Khan, Co-ordinator
  2. Aijaz Ahmad, Asstt. Coordinator

MANUU Study Centre

  1. Naseeruddin, Co-ordinator


  1. Shri Qazi Abdul Mateen, M.Sc., M.Lib.Sc., Librarian (Retired)
  2. Shri Irfan Khan, Library Restorer


  1. Khalid Hussain, Programme Officer


  1. Dr. M.Imtiaz Khan – ANO

Placement Cell

  1. Dr. Suhail Khan, Liaison Officer

Women Development and Studies Cell

  1. Seema Rani, Incharge

Nodal Officer

  1. Mr. Mahesh Singh

Grievance Redressal Cell

  1. Naseeruddin

Legal Literacy Cell

  1. Dr. Aijaz Ahmad


  1. Dr. Mohd. Imtiaz Khan


  1. Dr. Khalid Hussain Khan, Warden


  1. Shri Reyaz Khan – Typist-cum-Clerk
  2. Shri M.S.A. Alvi – Accounts Clerk
  3. Shri Mohd Shahid – Clerk (Temporary)